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Ms. Audrey Radley » Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan

Dear Parent/Guardian:

I am delighted that your child is in my class this year. I look forward to having a productive and

successful school year. In order for this to be accomplished, I have developed a discipline plan.

My discipline philosophy: I am of the opinion that all of my students should behave themselves

in an appropriate way that does not disrupt the course of learning and teaching.

Classroom Rules:

1. Do your best (white).

2. Be respectful (yellow).

3. Follow directions (blue).

4. Pay attention and stay on task (orange).

5. Follow Loma Vista’s rules of conduct(green).


Individual – Behavior raffle ticket, praise, positive notes

Table Groups – 75 points lunch with teacher

Class (all tables have 75 points) – extra recess, video, or game


Students who do not follow the rules will receive (on a daily basis):

1. A warning – they will record in a binder what rule they broke and what they were doing.

2. A “time out” – if they continue to disregard class rules. They will be sent

to another classroom to write about what they did, and how they could

avoid getting into trouble. A copy of this will be sent home and parents

need to sign and return it.

3. Principal – if they continue to disrupt the class they will be sent to the

principal. This may result in classroom or school suspension.

Thank you for reviewing the classroom plan with your child. Please sign and return the form

below, so I know that you received a copy of the classroom discipline plan. Do not hesitate to

contact me if you have any questions about this plan or any other matter.


Ms. Radley


Discipline Plan

Ms. Radley

5th Grade